The Banality of Jimmy Carter’s Evil

In a discussion with friends awhile back the subject of Jimmy Carter came up and I said I believe he had become an evil man. A clerical friend got up without saying anything and walked away upset. I’m sorry it upset him but I’m afraid that it is quite thoroughly true.

Jimmy Carter did not start out evil and in fact he has done many good and praiseworthy things. His work with Habitat for Humanity is nothing short of Ghandiesque. He humbled himself in service to mankind and has continued to push forward with this noble endeavor.

How then, could someone who has done such noble work be evil? It’s simple – he has allowed himself to align with evil people and push forward an evil agenda. I don’t know why he has done such a thing but the fact is he has. I can say I believe it had its start with his efforts during the negotiations over the Camp David Accords between Israel and the Palestinians. Since then Carter has aligned himself with the Palestinian cause and has libeled Israel with accusations that have no basis in facts.

Hannah Arendt wrote a book about Adolf Eichmann’s trial called Eichmann in Jerusalem, a Report on the Banality of Evil. An excerpt from Wikipedia: “Her thesis is that Eichmann was not a fanatic or sociopath, but an extremely average person who relied on clichéd defenses rather than thinking for himself and was motivated by professional promotion rather than ideology. Banality, in this sense, is not that Eichmann’s actions were ordinary, or that there is a potential Eichmann in all of us, but that his actions were motivated by a sort of stupidity which was wholly unexceptional.”

I think this describes Carter pretty well. He wasn’t a bad president, he wasn’t an outstanding president, he was just in over his head and fell back on hackneyed responses that didn’t have much to do with the actual situations he faced. In fact his response to the ‘Palestinian problem’ was probably driven by a desire to do good and help end violence in the region.

The problem with that is that he came to identify with the Palestinians and take their agenda as the only possible way forward. The Israeli position has been ignored, dismissed as unhelpful and the people of Israel have been treated as third class beggars.

The fact is Israel has been patient, more patient than any country in history when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians. From the outset the Arabs in the region have done everything in their power to destroy Israel and failing that have used the plight of the Palestinians as a weapon to attack Israel. They are responsible for the lack of resolution to the situation because they have refused to take in the Palestinian ‘refugees’ (Listen if you are still living in a refugee camp 60 years after the war that caused you to flee your home, you are not a refugee but a tool of your fellow Arabs who have the power to take you into their land as fellow citizens but refuse to do so because you are more valuable to them as human refuse.)

Why should the ‘Palestinians’ be allowed to return to the land of Israel? They left it voluntarily, believing their fellow Arabs who said they would conquer Israel and give it to them to rule. They backed a losing horse and now refuse to face the consequences for their own actions.

What no one who demands the return of the ‘Palestinians’ will acknowledge is that Israel took in a similar number of Jews who were forced out of their homes in Arab countries during the founding of Israel. That’s right, while they were still trying to build a country out of nothing but unwanted land and poor and destitute people they took in more than half a million refugees and made them citizens. The Arabs refuse to do the same for their refugees and let them rot so they have something to attack Israel over.

Jimmy Carter looks at the situation and libels Israel and says they are an apartheid country because of it. He doesn’t give them any credit for the more than one million Arab citizens who live in Israel with full citizenship rights but blasts them for not giving citizenship to foreigners who wish to destroy Israel. Arab citizens in Israel have more rights than Arabs living in any other country in the region. Arabs are in the army, the Knesset and even on the Supreme Court of Israel. It is either stupidity or cupidity that blames Israel for this situation and Jimmy Carter isn’t stupid.

Liberals are going nuts and saying that Conservatives are mean-spirited and are celebrating the fact Carter has cancer. That’s a load of B.S. I certainly do not celebrate anyone, even one I despise as much as Carter, getting such a dread disease. On the other hand I am not going to stop pointing out the many errors that Jimmy Carter has committed, most of them unforced.

What Jimmy Carter has done by disparaging Israel and praising ‘Palestinians’ is to reject a moral and compassionate peoples attempt to settle the situation and back a group that prefers to use conflict and terror over negotiations and has rejected proposals that have given them more than 95 percent of what they were asking for.

At some point you have to realize that you cannot negotiate with someone who doesn’t wish to negotiate and the ‘Palestinians’ have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they have no desire to negotiate a settlement, they want the conflict to continue. By backing the ‘Palestinians’ Carter has ensured that the conflict will continue.

That is why Carter is evil. He isn’t monstrous and he isn’t some horrible psychotic murderer. It’s just that he has stuck his oar in and stirred the pot when keeping quiet would have been better. His actions have caused the deaths of people who would not have died had he just kept his mouth shut. Banality of evil indeed.

By the way the reason I put ‘Palestinians’ in single quotes is that before the ‘50s or ‘60s the word Palestinian referred to Jews. Arabs began using the moniker in order to confuse the issue since there weren’t very many Arabs living in what is now Israel. In fact, Yassar Arafat was not a ‘Palestinian’, he was an Egyptian, having been born in Cairo.


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