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Obama, patriotism and the great American barbecue

Obama has had a hard time with the perception people have about his patriotism, or lack thereof. Whether it is true or not that he is less patriotic than anyone feels he should be isn’t the subject of the post but his actions concerning his use of the flag do bring up some related questions.
Should people wear the flag on their clothes? Now I’m not talking about law enforcement, emergency medical workers, firefighters or someone in the armed services wearing an arm patch or people wearing flag lapel pins but shirts that have the flag as a part of the pattern of the cloth.
Frankly, I’m not for it. The shirts can become dirty or ripped and pants definitely shouldn’t have a flag printed on them. I just don’t think it shows the proper respect for the flag to wear it like that. It’s one thing if the flag is worn on clothes as part of a uniform and quite another if it is incorporated into and becomes a part of the clothes.
As far as I’m concerned there is no question about having the flag printed on napkins, cups, paper plates and other food containers – it shouldn’t be done. I know that on every Fourth of July there are millions of Americans out there eating baked beans and potato salad off of plates with a flag printed on them but I think it is wrong and the U.S. Flag code specifically says it shouldn’t be done.
I know the code isn’t an actual law but those guilty of violating it are the very people you would think would follow the code whether it was law or not. Aren’t they attempting to show by the use of the flag how they revere it? Doesn’t using the flag in such a manner show disrespect for it?
I remember seeing the story of George M. Cohan with the incomparable James Cagney. In one scene, I believe that it was around the turn of the century (19th to 20th), an actress he is attempting to get to star in one of his plays says she doesn’t go in for gaudy displays of flag-waving, or words to that effect. I agree, flag waving should never be gaudy.
September 10, 2001 I was working at Digital Lighthouse in Fort Scott, Kansas, which was a call center for Sony products. I worked in a big room that held about 200 employees. We all worked at octagonal pods, each of the eight workspaces narrowing toward the center. That day there were exactly four American flags in that room and I had provided all of them. I put one on each side of my workspace and gave the other two to friends of mine, Dave and Will Bishop, father and son, and they put them up at their workspaces.
After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon flags sprouted up like mushrooms in that room. I heard some people talking about it and saying pretty much the same thing that the actress in Yankee Doodle Dandy said. I heard people on television talking about people who started hanging flags on their houses and how they were hypocrites for not having done so before.
I disagree. People show their patriotism in many ways and sometimes, in the daily grind of life, people don’t show a lot of enthusiasm for anything, even patriotism. It doesn’t mean they aren’t patriotic, it just means that displaying that patriotism outwardly isn’t a priority. An attack like September 11 can change priorities, it doesn’t mean a person is a hypocrite if they decide to start showing a flag afterwards.
A flag is flying from the front of my house as I type these words. It really wouldn’t matter if there weren’t one, my patriotism doesn’t depend on having the symbol of my country attached to my house. What matters is what is in my heart and I’ll let God be the judge of that, and no one else.


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